Sunday, October 9, 2016

When We Wobble

We've all been there -- had that moment when our beliefs or practice were challenged and we had to step back to contemplate the big picture and how, or if, everything works together for the best effort. Columbia University's Bob Fecho and a student created STORRI and is invited all teachers to share their wobble moments. 

STORRI (School Tales: A Research and Repository Initiative) is a website designed to attract, share, unpack, engage, and reflect on stories of “wobble” that teachers tell about the complexity of contemporary classrooms. Through STORRI, teachers and teacher educators will have opportunities to write about moments in their practices when their belief systems wobbled.

What we mean by wobble is something happened in the classroom that compelled you to pay attention, to stop and think, to raise a question, to open yourself to other perspectives.

By collecting these stories, we hope to provide other angles on classrooms-- ones that illustrate the range of transactions that occur between teachers and students and the context in which they engage.

Stories on this site might be used for serving the professional needs of preservice and inservice teachers, for creating learning communities, for advocacy research, and for informing the general public.

Check out STORRI and consider adding to the conversation:

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