Sunday, May 2, 2010

Teacher Research Updates and Highlights

EMWP's ongoing Teacher Research will meet two days this summer to pull together work from this year as well as get a jump start for next year. Meeting dates are July 8 and August 17. Any TC is welcome to come and join this group of amazing teachers who have integrated classroom research into their every day teaching. For more information, contact Cathy Fleischer at

One highlight of this past year's work is our successful proposal to NCTE's annual convention, to be held next November in Orlando. Entitled "Grassroots Professional Development: Start a Teacher-Research Revolution," the presentation will focus on how several teacher-researchers in the group have begun to introduce their colleagues to classroom-based research as part of ongoing professional development for their schools and districts. Congrats to Sarah Andrew-Vaughan, Carrie Melnychenko, Kris Gedeon, and Molly Fichtner on their acceptance! Disney World, here we come!!

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