Sunday, May 2, 2010

Inkstains Writer’s Camp 2010

Aimee Grant

Know of any great middle school and high school writers that would jump at the chance to go on a writing marathon, create oodles of poetry and stories, and publish a cool anthology with their writing in it?
Each July, Inkstains Writer’s Camp does all of this, along with tons of other fun activities, with student writers from all over Southeastern Michigan.
Many of our campers are recommended by TCs from the extended network of EMWP alumni, and we’re hoping that you continue to spread the good word about Inkstains.

You may have tacked our neon brochure that was mailed to you last month under your to-do list at school, and now is the perfect time to get it in the hands of those kids you know who l-o-v-e to write.

We have an expert team of teachers led by youth programs co-director Aimee Grant joining us this year. We are thankful to have outstanding teachers Shirley Klokkenga, Sean Eldon, and Natalie Tomlin leading the middle school camp the week of July 12-16. The fantastic Amie Gabel will join Sean and Natalie to lead the high school camp the week of July 19-23.

We’re always delighted to talk about this favorite program of ours, so don’t hesitate to contact Kim Pavlock at if you would like to request a brochure or if have any questions about the camp. You can also view the brochure online by clicking here.

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