Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Summer Institute: Engl 592

by Bill Tucker

What are you doing July 12-28? 
You could be at the Student Center 320, 
8:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. daily
Three half-days in the fall, 
(based on your availability)

Institute 2016
          Current registration for the summer institute foreshadows a good range of grade levels and experience in the crowd. The only surprise is the absence of Institute repeaters, so we’re writing just to remind you that you’re invited.
          Just as always we’ll be writing “from our soles” (see SI 2013), we‘ll be sharing the best in professional reading, and we’ll have guests sharing their experience in literacy leadership.
          But we plan to engage teacher leadership in new places.. The Institute will be led by your colleagues Kris Gedeon and Angela Knight, who have assisted in several previous institutes, together and individually.  Bill Tucker will assist them for a change. It is one way we are inviting more teacher facilitation of the work of EMWP.
          [If you participated in the College-Ready Writers Program or plan to participate in the next generation CRWP, you have and will see more teacher leadership: Sarah Lorenz, Jeff Taylor, Dave Kangas, and Maggie Teal are among those who have spearheaded this innovative argument-from-sources writing program.]
          Kris and Angela are planning new ways to share our successful and problematic practices as teachers, as we both demonstrate and investigate the writing activities that most intrigue us. They realized that even our successes often call for more reflection and research in the context of the Institute. That work will continue into three continuity meetings in the fall.
          We think this summer will bring both novelty and nostalgia for you second-or third-timers, and we welcome your participation.
We will offer both credit and non-credit participation, with a $400 scholarship underwriting the cost either way.

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