Thursday, February 2, 2017

Launching Our Community

by  Geneva (Marsack) Korytkowski

Last year, was launched as the main site for all EMWP happenings, focusing on parents, administrators, and potential teacher consultants as the audience. There was an EMWP Teacher Consultant Community page which remained unused but had untapped potential. This past semester, the community page has been revised to focus on the current teacher consultants of the EMWP.

Teacher consultants will find pictures of events (perfect for your personal and professional use), archived summer institute websites, the EMWP blog that will launch at the end of the month, professional opportunities (job postings and education), fellow TC blogs, opportunities for teachers to continue being writers, the professional library catalogue, and more.

We hope to involve more of you in building the community site, especially when it comes to writing. The blog that will launch at the end of the month would feature at least one TC’s post which could be a reposting from your own blog. If interested, please contact Geneva at or

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