Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Disciplinary Literacies Institute

by Cathy Fleischer

Once again this summer, we invite teachers from all disciplines to join EMU college faculty for three days of exploration into writing in the disciplines: learning together what it means to write in our various subject areas and how we can help students make smooth transitions from subject area to subject area and from middle and high school to college.  The past three years of institutes have been eye-opening for all participants:  College faculty coming to understand more clearly the demands of schools, testing, and curriculum along with middle and high school teachers learning what college faculty are really looking for in their students’ writing.  At the center of this work is a spirit of inquiry and collaboration as we try to figure out new ways of teaching that will support disciplinary expectations and to reimagine assignments and units we can use in our classrooms.

Join us for the three days:  June 28-30 on EMU campus.  This work is especially valuable for interdisciplinary teams across a school or district, but individuals are welcome as well.  Sign up at https://www.smore.com/uu6u1.

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