Sunday, February 1, 2015

Literacy for Life: the Best of Teacher Leadership

Bill Tucker, Director

The best teacher leader models are coming your way this spring. Four sessions on Saturday mornings in Pray-Harrold show how timely and inventive our teachers can be.

In February you'll find what teachers have learned about advocating for their own profession from a workshop last summer. Cathy Fleischer will keynote a group that includes Lisa Eddy, Erin Umpstead, Kris Gedeon, Lauren Nizol, Beth Shaum, and Jeff Taylor. Meanwhile Michelle Vanston will continue her highly practical series on implementing a reading-writing workshop with Making Writing Partnerships Work (see attachment).

In March the Special Education Inquiry group will be led by Professor Rhonda Kraai, a specialist in Cognitive Impairment. This group, including Karen Hoffman, Dawn Izzi and Judy Wycoff, will focus on case studies of individual students who required special interventions in writing.

April brings a focus on digital writing, echoing Troy Hicks' presentation at the Literacy Summit at the WISD April 23. Karen Chichester and Michelle Vanston will bring the latest applications for digital writing for all grades K-college.

We'll finish the year in May with our annual Google workshop, helping teachers implement useful applications from Google-forms.

See the links to announcements and the Spring schedule for details. Don't miss this showcase of the best teacher leaders in southeastern Michigan!

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