Friday, September 12, 2014

Inkstains: The EMWP Summer Writing Camp

Aimee Eldon

Every summer dozens of young writers converge on the Student Center at Eastern Michigan University to attend Inkstains Summer Writing Camp. The first morning of camp is filled with the excited, cheerful greetings of campers who are delighted to see the familiar faces of other camp alumni, their summer buddies.
Here is what a few of our young writers had to say about what brought them to camp and keeps them coming back for more each summer:

"The camps is inspirational. It helps you learn from others to pump out pieces all week. The prompts are fantastic."

"[Inkstains] gives you an opportunity to sit down and write without any distractions. It's positive peer pressure."

"I love how Inkstains unites young writers to bounce back inspiration and ideas. Inkstains allows feedback from the great teachers, which always improves my work...I keep coming back to enjoy the feeling of being in a place all about writing with teachers willing to share and nurture ideas. I enjoy being with other young writers to see other people love writing as much as I do."

"I've learned how to open up in my writing through Inkstains. I've found my voice, and I've learned to be objective about my work and other's work as well."

"[The] benefit of camp is seeing how other people see the world and learning how to make things better together through teamwork and collaboration."

"[The] benefits are making friends, getting writing advice, and making connections."

"The people are super nice and you feel included...You get to learn what works for you. You get constructive criticism instead of, 'Oh, this is good!'"
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