Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Why have EMWP’s Family Literacy Initiative present at your school?

Cathy Fleischer and Kim Pavlock

Reason #5: Bring some warmth into your life by having parents support your research-based best teaching practices.

Reason #4: Reduce phone calls from parents, asking why there aren’t more red marks on their child’s paper.

Reason #3: Rally support from parents to help principals and administrators understand why you teach in the Writing Project way.

Reason #2: Encourage your co-workers to learn more about EMWP and perhaps sign up for the Summer Institute. Multiple Writing Project teachers in one school—nirvana!!

Reason #1: Engage parents in fun writing activities that they can use to help students avoid the summer slide in literacy.

For a listing of our workshops, check out the Family Literacy Initiative website.

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