Friday, April 26, 2013

Ready for Writing, Revelations, and Recharging!

Shari Hales

The fourteen participants joining this year’s Summer Institute, along with the facilitators, are eagerly awaiting their opportunity to learn with supportive and enthusiastic peers, as well as hone their teaching and writing crafts.

The 2013 Summer Invitational Institute Orientation, when participants meet their mentors, will take place on April 30th in room 320 at EMU’s Student Center from 5-7:30.

The 2013 Summer Institute will also be held in room 320 at the Student Center each weekday from 9 until 3, beginning on June 19th and continuing until July 19th (with the exception of July 4th and 5th).

The Summer Institute at Eastern gives educators an all-too-rare opportunity to purposefully explore their writing practices, both personally and professionally, in a collaborative atmosphere where teachers of elementary, middle school, high school, and college students work alongside one another. This positive and unique atmosphere of encouragement allows teachers self-directed opportunities to explore action research, inspire others in best practices, and enhance their own teaching techniques to better reach and teach their students. When the EMWP concludes in July, these teacher leaders will deliver the message to schools: the best writing teachers are teachers who write.

Bill Tucker - EMWP Director
Cindy Guillean, 2011 – New Teacher Coordinator
Shari Hales, 2012 – Returning Fellow

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