Friday, September 14, 2012

Teacher Research Goes Live

Cathy Fleischer

What happens when a group of teacher researchers decides to go public with their work? The results are coming in – and it’s pretty exciting! EMWP’s Teacher Research Group is a featured group in the new National Center for Literacy Education’s Literacy in Learning Exchange.
The Exchange highlights groups of teachers who are working together to create change in their schools—with portraits, blogs, and information written by teachers about the work they’re doing. Our group is writing a blog, with new posts every 2-3 weeks. Each post focuses on a different aspect of teacher research, told in our teachers’ own voices. Most have links to video of discussion from our teacher research meetings. Anyone can join the Literacy in Learning Exchange and follow all the groups—and we’d love to have you follow us! Simply go to and click to follow our group!
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