Friday, April 20, 2012

English Studies for Teachers Celebration!

Cathy Fleischer

We’re thrilled that six Teacher Consultants are among the eight MA students who presented their research at the annual English Studies for Teachers Celebration/Presentation. Stacey Briggs (2011), Dawn Izzi (2010), Alli Kaplan (2006), Lauren (Russette) Nizol (2007), Brad Silverman (2010) and Michelle Westerdale (2003) joined MA colleagues Jason Elstone and Ethan Konett in the event.
The Celebration/Presentation gives these students an opportunity to talk to undergraduate and other graduate students about the teacher research studies they have pursued as the culminating projects of their MA degrees. Over the past year, they’ve learned about teacher research: from how to come up with a meaningful question to how to collect and analyze data to how to go public with their findings. Students will be finishing their amazing projects over the summer. Congrats to all of you!

MA Students and their Research Topics

Stacey Briggs
How does art influence learning in the English classroom?

Jason Elstone
Engaging adolescent males in academic writing

Dawn Izzi
Negotiated Spaces: Facilitating Discussion about Texts with At-Risk Students

Allison Kaplan
One-to-One Instruction and its Effects on Academic Achievement and Student Confidence

Ethan Konett
The Power of Narrative in the History Classroom

Lauren Nizol
Discovering Process, Purpose and Voice through Genre Study

Brad Silverman
What Are They Talking About? Assessing the Narrative Voice

Michelle Westerdale
Connecting with Parents to Support Student Writing

Left to Right: Lauren Nizol, Jason Elstone, Dawn Izzi, Ally Kaplan, Stacey Briggs, Michelle Westerdale, Ethan Konett, and Brad Silverman
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