Friday, April 20, 2012


At the 2012 English department Celebration of Excellence:
  • Dawn Izzi (TC '10) was awarded: "Outstanding Graduate Student in English Studies" 
  • Jessica DeYoung Kander was awarded the 2012 Graduate Dean's Award for Excellence in Research for her thesis "Reading Queer Subtexts in Children's Literature" 
  • Sarah Primeau was honored for her outstanding work in the EMU Writing Center 
  • The following Teacher Consultants presented their Master's Projects: 
  Stacey Briggs (2011)
  Dawn Izzi (2010)
  Alli Kaplan (2006)
  Lauren (Russette) Nizol (2007)
  Brad Silverman (2010)
  Michelle Westerdale (2003)

Congratulations to Cathy Fleischer, Co-director of NCTE, for receiving the Rewey Belle Inglis Award for Outstanding Woman in English Education, November, 2011!

Congratulations to Doug Baker, Co-director, for receiving the 2012 Assessment Leadership Award!

CAS Dean's Program Initiative Grants were awarded to:
  • Doug Baker (with Elisabeth Daumer) "Multiple Lenses Project: Reading from Different Perspectives for Different Purposes" 
  • Cathy Fleischer, Bill Tucker (with Ann Blakeslee) "Disciplinary Literacy and the Teaching of Writing" 
Kudos to all!

Birth Announcement:

Earlier this year, Elizabeth (Liz) Bertolini-Lietz, summer institute participate of 2010, and her husband Tom Lietz gave birth to a baby girl, Charlotte Emily Lietz. Charlotte was born 2/21/12, weighing in at 9 lbs, 1 oz and 21.5 inches long. Congratulations!

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