Friday, February 3, 2012

Professional Development Workshops by the EMWP

Sarah Lorenz
We are in the midst of the busiest year of professional development in EWMP history, and that is due in part to Teacher Consultants who suggest EMWP as a provider. We are working with a couple of partner schools this year to schedule multiple events over a one-to-three year timeline, including workshops, observations, coaching, family literacy, and more.

Coaching follow-up is another offering we can provide. A coach works with a teacher or small team to tailor the implementation of a new practice to each teacher's specific situation, and can raise implementation rates from the typical 5% to over 90%. We invite you to advocate for the Eastern Michigan Writing Project as a professional development provider in your school!

We are also developing new offerings, including workshops on the Common Core (and related assessments), the Calkins' Units of Study, Socratic Seminars, and vocabulary acquisition. One school has even scheduled a writing marathon as a PD activity for its staff, which I'm pretty excited about! (By the way, I might need a facilitator for that, so email me if you are interested in facilitating a marathon.) Our Saturday Seminars have been going well, and that content might be available, depending on the presenter. We are also able to offer professional development around the National Writing Project's new Writing Assignment Design Framework--check the attached workshop list for a brief description or the NWP site for details.

So, speak to the decision-makers in your school (or just contact me if you are the decision-maker!) and let's talk about bringing some high-quality, writing project-style PD to a location near you.

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