Friday, February 3, 2012

EMWP Rides Again

Bill Tucker, Director

In the first year of post-federal funding the Eastern Michigan Writing Project will sustain its Summer Institute, its Inkstains Writing Camp, and its Outreach Programs, including Family Literacy and Professional Development. None of the funding can be assumed indefinitely, but for 2012-13 it is almost business-as-usual.

In this issue, look for the usual posting for EMWP Positions and follow directions to apply. We are also inviting applications for the voluntary Advisory Board.

Programs like Inkstains, Family Literacy and Professional Development are growing toward self-support. If our participants continue to support the program activity, the programs can use the revenue to finance the work.

Programs like the Summer Institute, the Teacher Research Group, and the Writing Retreat do not finance themselves. They will be dependent on external grants, which we will actively seek in 2012. For SI 2012 the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences will underwrite the essential expenses, funding the stipends and dinners. What remains to be funded are the teacher fellowships, which amounted to $15,000 in 2011.

Here is where EMWP teachers can help. First, we are inviting all the districts that have participated in previous summer institutes to establish a $1250 fellowship for a teacher to attend from their district. We have officially sent letters to the Washtenaw Districts, but we are relying on our teachers to contact the key person in their district to establish a fellowship. If they contact Bill Tucker , he will set up the fellowship for next summer.

A second way to support EMWP financially is through the EMU Foundation, which is our official fund-raiser. If you wish to donate online, you can follow these directions:

Go to: At the left click “Ways to Donate"

Again at the left click “Donate Now”

To the right of “Gift Description” check the “search” button

Under “Keyword” type “Writing Project” and click “choose”

You’ll return to the “Gift Description” and proceed from there.

It’s a bit convoluted, but it gets easier after two or three donations. We encourage a lot of practice! :)

We hope you will join us in 2012 as EMWP rides again!

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