Sunday, September 4, 2011

NWP Connects: A Social Medium

The following describes how to join the National Writing Project's national conversation. It is a key medium for keeping the network together for the future.

Smooth launch for NWP Connect
Hundreds of teacher-consultants and general members jumped right into NWP Connect after our launch announcement last week. The great news is that we had only a handful of problems at the help desk. So we would count the launch as smooth. In addition, new members are starting to join the various open communities at Connect.

As a reminder, when you log into Connect you are taken to your dashboard/profile area. You will see a listing of communities you are a member of on the right hand side. (Everyone is automatically a member of the National Community.) Using the “Join a Community” button, you can find additional open communities to join.

One newly created community called Literacy and the Common Core, for example, will gather resources and track activity on the Common Core while another community, NWP Book Groups, has already held its first discussion. Go ahead and visit to see what’s happening.

Speaking of Connect
As Congress returns from August recess, we might start to see some activity on advocacy issues like ESEA reauthorization. To keep you in the loop, Bob Jobin from NWP’s Philadelphia office will be blogging regularly about advocacy issues in Connect. You can find his blog at NWP Site Leaders community, both on the home page and through a permanent link on the Talking Points page. This is a good place to get regular information about advocacy and to post questions to Bob:

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