Saturday, September 19, 2009

On-site Teacher Research Group Starts Work

Our first summer institute for an on-site teacher-research group was a success!
This summer, John Staunton and Kris Gedeon led a small group of teachers at Britton-Macon Area School on a three-day journey into teacher research. As usual at an EMWP event, food played a significant role! :D

On a more serious note, by the end of the three days everyone had identified inquiry questions and established their individual research plans for the year. In addition, these new teacher-researchers will be presenting at the Writing for Real Conference on October 17! We’ll be sharing early research from our classrooms and talking about the process of establishing a teacher-research group in our school. We’re all working on questions relating to writing across the curriculum – and we’d love to hear about what goes on in your classrooms.

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