Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Teacher as Researcher

Teacher Research Group Updates

By Cathy Fleischer

As this year’s Teacher Research Group prepares for its busy summer of writing (we’ll be meeting for one week in July to analyze data and write up our findings), we’re already looking forward to next year! Next year will mark a change in how the TR group is organized and will offer—we hope—even more opportunities for EMWPers.

Our plan is this: The TR group will divide in 2 groups.

  • The first group will be designed specifically for new Teacher Researchers and will be led by Kris Gedeon (TC, former Returning Fellow for the Invitational, and TR group member for the last 3 years). This group will spend some time throughout the year delving into teacher research (what it is and how to do it) and helping participants begin a TR project.
  • The second group will be a support group for experienced teacher researchers, meeting monthly for sharing ideas and writing and encouraging publication of some sort and will be led by Cathy Fleischer (Co-director).

We’ll be sending out more information over the summer, but if you have questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact Kris ( or Cathy (